Our Team

There isn’t much that our owner, Michael Hyman, doesn’t know about jewellery - it’s in his blood. A third generation jeweller with over half a century of experience under his belt, he’s famous across the region for his ability to delight customers time and time again which is why we have such a wide reaching and loyal client base.
Our customers travel far and wide to come and see us because we understand that they are looking for the very best. 
Michael ensures that all Leonard Dews staff are constantly learning - from courses in horology, to gemology, repairs, brand knowledge and even metallurgy, they are up to date on the latest cutting edge technology. This is underpinned by a wide ranging and deep knowledge of the history of all the brands that we stock, their designs and their innovations. 
Our knowledge of fashions in jewellery is second to none and we hand select every single stone that comes into the Leonard Dews store so that you know when you buy a piece of jewellery from us, it will be the best quality that money can buy.

Michael Hyman

Job Role: Managing Director/ Owner
Training: Too much to remember!My first was CFH in Lausanne! 
Years in the trade: 52
Where does your passion lie? Bespoke jewellery and sharing knowledge with my staff.
Favourite Stone: Diamond
Favourite Brand: Patek Philippe 
What special jewellery/watch do you wear and why? Patek Philippe 5139G Complication with Perpetual Calendar and Moonphase.

Barry Henshaw

Job Role: Display Maker
Training: NVQ Lever 1, 2, 3 carpentry and joiner wood machinist. 
Years in the Trade: 23.5
What is your favourite part of your job? Turning someone’s display ideas into a reality. 
Favourite Gemstone: Sapphire
Favourite Brand: Longines
Favourite Piece of jewellery/ watch? A Longines, steel and gold, white dial Conquest watch. I bought this for myself in 2001 after spotting it in the shop. I would love to one day own the OMEGA Dark Side of the Moon watch – it seems to draw me to it!

Linda Anderson

Job Title: Customer Service Manager.
Training: Have been on numerous retail training courses and after sales/repairs/customer service courses also.
Years Experience: Have worked in Jewellery Retail and After Sales within the trade. Approximately 37 years on and off!
Passion: My passion lies within the emotive side. Engagements. Diamonds. Weddings and wedding rings.
Also, customer service, which I truly enjoy, helping clients take care of and maintain their prized possessions, for future enjoyment. Looking after the special and memorable times in people’s lives.
Favourite stone is diamond. Of course! Which is also my birth stone 
Favourite brand is Fope which is stunning yet so wearable.
What special jewellery do you wear and why? My round brilliant diamond solitaire engagement ring which means the world to me. The proposal was a complete surprise and had no idea beforehand! I wear a 26mm steel and gold Rolex Datejust but would love the Patek Philippe Calatrava 4897G-001 one day!

Attila Sereny

Job Role.  Sales Manager
What training do you have? Patek Philippe Stage 4 training. Various other watch and jewellery brand training. Currently halfway through stage 2 of the NAJ Professional Jewellers Diploma.
Years experience in the trade?  Over 12 Years
Where does your passion lie? (such as watches, diamonds etc) Watches - Specifically complications.
Favourite stone? Sapphire
Favourite brand? Patek Philippe
What special jewellery do you wear and why? Proudly wearing an Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean in Blue, until I can afford my Patek Philippe Nautilius!

Emma Fairhurst

Job Role: Visual Merchandiser/ Sales Consultant
What training do you have: Various watch and jewellery brand training courses.
Years experience in the trade: 32 years
Where does your passion lie: Creating unique window displays.
Favourite stone: Diamond
Favourite brand: Longines
What special jewellery do you wear and why: Longines cocktail watch because it has a vintage style, which I particularly like. I also wear a marquise cut diamond ring set with a halo of brilliant cut diamonds with diamond shoulders, as I have always loved marquise cut stones and it compliments my Longines watch.

James Sullivan

Job Role: Sales Consultant
What training do you have: JET 1, Patek Philippe Stage 3 training and various watch brand training courses
Years experience in the trade: 6 years
Where does your passion lie: Watches – especially mechanical timepieces. 
Favourite stone: Ruby 
Favourite brand: Tag Heuer 
What special jewellery do you wear and why: Tag Heuer, Heuer 01 Black ceramic; because it is quite different many other watches as it has a skeletonised dial so I can view the watch's complicated movement.

Gabrielle McNamara

Job Role: General Manager 
What training do you have? NAJ Professional Jeweller’s Diploma, Patek Philippe Stage 4 training. Other watch and jewellery brand training. CIM Marketing Diploma and a very handy law degree! 
Years experience in the trade? 10 years 
Where does your passion lie? Diamond buying and designing bespoke pieces for the store and individual customers. 
Favourite stone? Cushion cut diamonds.
Favourite brand? Patek Philippe 
What special jewellery do you wear and why? A five stone diamond eternity ring bough by my Dad for my Mum in 1976, a Tanzanite and diamond ring bought for my 26th birthday and a silver star pendant necklace bought for me for my 21st birthday which I never take off!
I also wear a steel and rose gold 36mm Rolex Datejust but would one day love to own a Patek Philippe 5068R Aquanaut.

Jenna Szreiber

Job Role. – Office manager/ co-buyer
What training do you have? NAJ Professional Jeweller’s Diploma. Patek Philippe Stage 2 training. Other watch and jewellery brand training. 
Years experience in the trade? 8
Where does your passion lie? The buying side of my role, especially handpicking diamonds for engagement rings and jewellery. 
Favourite stone? Diamond
Favourite brand? Fope
What special jewellery do you wear and why? I wear a vintage 3 stone diamond engagement ring which previously belonged to my late grandmother.
I also wear a Tissot Visodate Automatic strap watch but absolutely love the Patek Philippe 7121J-010 Ladies Complication.

Samantha McMunnigal

Job Role - Sales and Marketing Consultant.
What training do you have? Whilst working for Leonard Dews, I have been on numerous training days with brands such as TAG Heuer and Montblanc and OMEGA. I have also just finished The Professional Jewellers Diploma which is the essential qualification for anyone involved in gem and jewellery sales.
Years experience in the trade? I have been in the jewellery trade for 7 years this June. 
Where does your passion lie? (such as watches, diamonds etc) My passion definitely lies more so with diamonds than branded jewellery or watches. It's the way that they're formed that I find incredible. However, I do find watches very intriguing especially the delicacy in how some watches are made. 
Favourite stone? My favourite stone would definitely be a diamond. There are so many different varieties that I don't think I could ever get bored of looking at them. 
Favourite brand? My favourite brand is by far Patek Philippe, the way their watches are made is incredible to me. 
What special jewellery do you wear and why? My special piece of jewellery would be my engagement ring. I designed the ring myself here at Leonard Dews, we offer a bespoke service here so myself and my partner decided to pick something special. I got the chance to choose my own diamond and mount, it felt amazing when it arrived in store ready to wear.