Why is blue such a popular colour for luxury watches?

Why is blue such a popular colour for luxury watches?

The use of blue in luxury watches is far from a new phenomenon. In fact, watchmakers have long been incorporating cobalt into the enamel to create distinctive blue tones, although at first it was used mainly as an accent colour. Over time though, watchmakers became more experimental and creative with their use of blue, and today it’s become a truly classic colour, highly sought-after shade for mens and women’s timepieces alike. Some brands have even adopted it for some of their collections as a signature of sorts, such as OMEGA and its Seamaster collection. But what is it exactly that makes blue such an attractive colour for luxury watches?

The undeniable character and charisma of blue

You don’t need to be an experienced watch connoisseur to recognise that each watch has its own individual personality, which is strongly influenced by several aspects of its heritage and design. One particularly influential factor is the watch’s colour, and that’s largely down to the emotions and qualities we associate with them – whether we realise it or not.

Blue has an especially wide range of enviable traits; it’s associated with calmness and intelligence, reliability and trustworthiness, respectfulness and dignity, charm and confidence, experience and authority… the list goes on! A blue luxury watch indicates the wearer is a person of logical and reasoned thought, someone to be listened to and respected. It projects an undeniable sense of charisma, whatever the setting or environment. (More on those in just a moment.)

One of the reasons that blue holds such a ubiquitous charm is that these meanings are fairly universal across the multiple cultures and continents. In Japan, blue symbolises coolness and fidelity, making it a popular colour for Japanese job applicants looking to present their best selves to an employer. In Mediterranean and Middle Eastern countries, on the other hand, blue is worn for protection. Americans typically associate it with trust and authority, the same as we do here in the UK.

Some buyers find themselves drawn to the more mysterious and powerful aspects of its personality. Blue is the shade of the sea and sky, both natural realms of untold beauty – and at times, terrible danger. It’s what makes blue a notably popular shade for diving and pilot’s watches, a favourite of life’s pioneers and adventurers.

Effortlessly stylish and wonderfully versatile

Blue’s status as a primary colour gives it the ability to complement almost every other shade, giving it a huge range of expression in the way that few other colours can match. It’s often seen paired with with yellow-gold or silver-gold cases including platinum, rose-gold or stainless steel, all of which can be used to create eye-catching contrast. White metals make blue watches look especially sleek and cool, while rose-gold accents can bestow a sense of warmth and passion. And then there are the little touches; for example, a bronze bezel be used to make a particularly avant-garde statement.

The bracelets and straps of blue watches are available in an equally dizzying (but no less stunning) array of colours and materials. Buyers can opt for rich brown leather bands, or bracelets in brushed steel, silver, yellow, or rose-gold. Or if you’d like, you can choose blue watches with indigo rubber straps for a smart and restrained look, or even a matching blue strap for an intriguingly monochromatic look. The OMEGA Constellation Small Seconds 34mm is an just one excellent example!

Blue OMEGA Constellation

Blue also nicely offsets brown shades. That’s handy for formal and smart-casual events, as black dial watches worn with brown outfits are widely considered to be a social faux-pas.)

In fact, its affinity for such a huge range of complementary colours and tones give blue an exceptionally versatile quality, making it as just as suitable for casual and sports watches as it is for black-tie events or business-wear. Just as dark blue suits are often considered an acceptable alternative to black suits, so too can blue watches be used to express the wearer’s individuality while still paying deference to the occasion.

On that note, if you’re weighing up the idea of a smart blue watch for some formal events of your own, it’s important to ensure that the shade of blue fits the dress code expected of attendees. Happily, there’s an easy way to do this – just match the colour of the dial to the time of day. If it’s a daytime event, for example, you can have peace of mind in wearing a luxury watch with a vibrant sky-blue dial. If it’s an evening black-tie affair though, you’ll want to consider accordingly darker shades, like navy or midnight blue.

A blue luxury watch is truly timeless

The sense of nostalgia surrounding some luxury watches is a big part of their appeal for certain buyers. These timepieces might commemorate a specific event (like the TAG Heuer Indy 500) or a hearken back to a broader era in time, such as the Longines Heritage Military 1938 limited edition. But many blue watches have an altogether different, more timeless appeal. Its versatility and emotive qualities mean that it will never go out of style, so when you buy a blue luxury watch, you can count on it to retain its distinctive charm for future generations. It’s one of the many reasons why so many blue watches go on to become not just highly-prized personal possessions, but also treasured family heirlooms.

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