We reveal our favourite 5 Gucci pieces for 2021

We reveal our favourite 5 Gucci pieces for 2021

This year, Gucci is celebrating its 100th birthday. That’s a huge milestone for any company, but particularly one with a reputation as storied and prestigious as Gucci’s. Over the course of a century it’s grown from a small family-owned business to arguably one of the world’s best-known high-end brands, with an empire spanning everything from clothes and handbags to silver jewellery and luxury watches.

We’re particularly well-versed in that latter pair here at Leonard Dews, and have an extensive selection of stock to view right here on our website, or at our Blackpool showroom. Gucci watches and jewellery remains timelessly popular with many of our customers, and over time, our in-house team have developed a few favourites of our own…!

Gucci Trademark Heart Bracelet – Size 18cm

The Gucci Trademark Heart Bracelet is a striking example of Gucci’s skill for creating truly timeless designs. Elegantly simple and effortlessly beautiful, it features a traditional heart pendant engraved with Gucci’s instantly recognisable logo, rounded off by a delicate chain. It’s all been artfully crafted from 925 sterling silver, and rhodium coated to preserve its lustre.

gucci trademark heart bracelet

The contemporary design of Gucci’s heart bracelet means that it’s an excellent complement to silver, white-gold or platinum jewellery, and it’s the perfect gift for a romantic partner, friend or family member, either to commemorate a special occasion, or simply to symbolise your appreciation for them.

Gucci Trademark Heart Necklace

Another exquisitely beautiful design, the Gucci Trademark Heart Necklace embodies clean, understated simplicity. It comprises Gucci’s signature trademarking, immortalised on a heart-shaped charm and held by an intricate silver chain. The chain ends in an elongated lobster clasp that allows for easy and secure fastening, with everything crafted from 925 sterling silver. A peerless testament to the House’s romantic narrative, its trademark heart necklace makes an equally fitting complement for other accessories with silver, white-gold or platinum finishes. Whether you’re thinking of it for a present for loved one, or as a treat for yourself, you can be sure it’ll inspire delight.

gucci trademark heart necklace

Gucci Link to Love 18ct Rose Gold Stack Ring – Size 14

The Link to Love Collection is something we’re very excited about here at Leonard Dews, as these pieces are relatively new arrivals into our Blackpool showroom. Gucci has proudly announced it as “an exploration of modern romance, characterising new symbols of love”.

Essentially, the Link to Love Rose Gold Stack Ring, and pieces like it, have been intentionally designed to blur the boundaries between masculine and feminine (a well-known passion of Alessandro Michele, Gucci’s incumbent Creative Director). The Collection incorporates rings in different gold tones, and a mix of finishes from white, yellow and rose-gold, offering stackable and layered features to allow wearers to better express their individuality, and perhaps the nature of their relationship with a loved one.

guvvi rose gold link to love ring

All in all, it’s an aesthetically beautiful piece with an equally beautiful message, and so it’s probably no wonder that it’s so highly sought-after by buyers the world over.

Gucci Grip Scale Yellow Gold PVD Watch

This is another new and particularly intriguing creation of Gucci’s, one aligned with the growing appetite for gender neutral accessories within the industry. Accordingly, the Gucci Grip Scale Yellow Gold PVD Watch can be worn by men and women like.

The name of the Gucci Grip Collection itself is a reference to an era when skateboarding first started to take off back in the 1970s – specifically, to the grip tape that riders would use to ensure that their sneakers kept a solid purchase on the board.

gucci grip watch

The luxury watch itself embodies the same bold, subversive and contemporary vibe, with its rounded square 35mm case, and its yellow-gold PVD face. Rather than using a traditional dial, instead the watch utilises three rotating white discs that rotate through a trio of small window apertures, displaying the hour, minute and date accordingly. It’s a characteristically unique unapologetic design from the famously vibrant fashion house, with its clean and streamlined design rounded off by a matching gold bracelet with a hidden clasp.

The timepiece is powered by the Swiss-made Ronda quartz movement, contained within that extravagant gold case, which is engraved with Gucci’s legendary monogram.

Gucci Grip Quartz 38mm Steel Watch

Essentially, this shares many of the same characteristics of its yellow-gold counterpart above, but this timepiece sports a striking steel case. Streamlined and contemporary, the Gucci Grip Quartz 38mm Steel Watch boasts the same Ronda quartz movement and the same unique sealed case design, making it water resistant to 30 metres, and ideal for everyday wear. The date window at the bottom doesn’t display the entire date, but rather simply the number of days in each month. Meanwhile, the typography of the hour and minute discs are distinctively digital in form, evoking images of a classic pocket calculator – another testament to the watch’s 70s inspiration.

gucci grip stainless steel watch

Of course, these are just a few of our favourites – you probably have plenty of your own! Whether you’ve got a specific piece in mind, or you’re exploring Gucci watches and Gucci fine jewellery to find your next statement piece, you’re in exactly the right place. We’ve got a magnificent selection to choose from here at Leonard Dews, both on our website and in our expansive Blackpool showroom.

Don’t forget that if you ever need any help or advice, that’s exactly what we’re here for! You can always ask us in-store, or give us a call on 01253 754 94, and we’ll be happy to see how we can help.