Introducing our two new Tissot favourites for 2022!

Introducing our two new Tissot favourites for 2022!

We’re proud to introduce the latest additions to our collection of Tissot watches here at Leonard Dews.

Tissot has long been a well respected and endeared brand amongst the pantheon of Swiss luxury watches, and since 1853, the company has been producing exquisitely crafted timepieces, with its craftsmen more than earning their reputation as being ‘innovators by tradition’. This year has seen the release of two new Tissot models thus far, both imbued with a characteristic elegance that’s been turning more than a few heads already! So, let’s take a closer look at both of them in a bit more detail.

The Tissot PRX quartz 35mm watch

Let’s start with the latest PRX! Now, having introduced the PRX last year, Tissot has broadened its range by adding a brand new PRX 35mm version to its already extensive collection. This newest release has opened up a brand new chapter in the history of the PRX collection; basically, Tissot has listened to the feedback from those who thought that the 40mm version released last year was too big, and in response, its craftsmen have now produced a sophisticated new model designed to appeal to those with a passion for design, and an eye for ingenuity.

The gorgeous light blue dial on the new PRX holds sleek indexes and a date window at the 3H position, complimented by a handy indicator that keeps you updated on the power levels of its Swiss quartz movement. In short, it’s evocative, slim and uncompromising – all ensuring that you’ll fall in love with the new Tissot PRX quartz 35mm watch.

The Tissot Lovely Square Summer Set Quartz

The new Tissot lovely square summer set Quartz 20mm watch is a celebration of timeless glamour, and a beautiful tribute to the small Tissot ladies’ watches of the 1960s. The watch has been crafted with an unmistakably feminine design that’s contrasted beautifully by its bold square display. Plus, the watch comes with 3 additional extra leather straps – green, pink, blue and purple, so you can mix and match colour schemes to suit your mood!

The watch comes in delicate 2 x 2cm dimensions, with a dial displaying minutes alongside hours. What’s more, the smooth, stainless steel case will dazzle regardless of the time of year, presenting the sensual aura of the most feminine attire. We know you’ll absolutely love this new addition to our collection of Tissot watches.

What we love most about these new watches

Both of these watches make for fantastic additions to any watch collection. They’re smart, stylish and crafted with passion by some of the most elite watch makers in the world. Here at Leonard Dews, we’re particularly fond of the evocative appearance of the Tissot PRX quartz 35mm, which we think works amazingly well with the light blue dial. In regards to the lovely square summer set quartz, we adore the interchangeable straps that set this model apart from more traditional watch designs, giving it far more flexibility when it comes to being paired with different attire.

These are just a couple of the wide range of Tissot watches we can supply you with here at Leonard Dews. However that’s not all we do – whatever you desire from a luxury watch, we’ve got a diverse mix of automatic, manual and quartz luxury watches in our Blackpool showroom, including collections from high-quality brands like Patek Philippe, OMEGA and Longines. So, whatever you want for your personal collection, you can be sure that we’ll have plenty of options to suit you. And if you’ve ever got any questions, don’t hesitate to ask one of our friendly team. We’ve been established since 1877, giving us more than 140 years of experience to draw upon, so if you ever need any advice, you can count on us to help!