Immerse yourself in TAG Heuer’s new Aquaracer Professional 300

Immerse yourself in TAG Heuer’s new Aquaracer Professional 300

As one of the world’s most prestigious watchmakers, TAG Heuer are perhaps best known for their long and storied association with motorsport, a partnership that goes back decades. But since the early 1980s, the company has been equally well-known for its esteemed range of dive watches. Today, its Aquaracer Collection is the perfect embodiment of that heritage, as one of the brand’s most highly sought-after brand of diving watches.

What’s new with the blue Aquaracer Professional 300?

The TAG Heuer Aquaracer Professional 300 43mm Automatic Watch has already been making plenty of waves, if you’ll pardon the pun. Just as with the other timepieces in the Professional 300 range, it’s been carefully designed to pay homage to the original 1980s classic, rocking a stylish but highly utilitarian design.

On closer examination, you’ll note that it sports the same 43mm men’s case diameter and the distinctive 12-sided unidirectional bezel, now with a subtle and significant change. It’s been improved with a scratch-resistant ceramic inlay, and fluting on each of its 12 facets allow for a much easier grip, giving it an even more elegant finish.

The dial too has been noticeably pared back in comparison to some of its predecessors, with eight of the baton hour markers having been switched for smaller and more octagonal ones. Its sword-shaped hour hand and narrow minute hand are immediately distinguishable from one another, allowing for easier legibility even in low light conditions.

Speaking of improved legibility, the sapphire glass has been altered so that a magnified section sits directly over the date window, which has been moved to the six o’clock position for a more satisfying sense of symmetry.

tag heuer aquaracer professional

The case and bezel have been slimmed down, the lugs have been reduced, and the edge case has been polished – all of which combines to give the watch a poised, streamlined appearance. Highly refined and effortlessly sophisticated inside and out, it’s powered by the cutting-edge Calibre 5 automatic movement, and complete with a beautifully engineered integrated rubber strap.

And of course, it’s all beautifully presented in the bold colourways characteristic of the Aquaracer Collection – in this case, a deep, boundless blue.

A luxury watch deeply immersed in history and prestige

As the newest addition to the Aquaracer Collection, the blue Aquaracer Professional 300 is the latest in a prestigious line of luxury dive watches that dates back almost 20 years – or arguably even longer.

The genesis of the Aquaracer Collection can be traced back all the way to 1895, when Heuer (as it was then) secured the patent for a waterproof pocket watch case. This marked a period of casual experimentation with seafaring watches for the company, and it would try out various designs over the next few decades or so.

However, things changed in the 1970s. During the Quartz Crisis, when major watchmakers were being forced to face a reckoning for their future, Jack Heuer identified a desire for affordable and reliable dive watches amongst a growing number of luxury watch buyers. He capitalised on this opportunity with a new line of dive watches in the early 1980s, laying the groundwork for what would become the Aquaracer Collection.

A few decades later at the turn of the millennium, TAG Heuer found huge success with its Heuer 2000 series, which fast became one of its most successful collections of diving watches. In 2004, it added a new timepiece to the 2000 series, dubbed the “2000 Aquaracer”. It quickly became such a hit with buyers that the company ended up renaming the entire collection after it, and the Aquaracer has enjoyed almost unparalleled prestige amongst sailors, divers and adventurers ever since.

The new TAG Heuer Aquaracer Professional 300 43mm Automatic Watch is now available to view in our showroom, so if you’d like to see it for yourself, we’d love to see you!

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