How to gift the perfect watch for Mother’s Day

How to gift the perfect watch for Mother’s Day

Buying the perfect Mother’s Day gift can be something of an art in itself, especially if you’ve chosen to buy her a luxury watch. After all, it’s a deeply personal gift – each watch has its own distinct character and personality, just like its wearer. That means the watch you ultimately choose will make a very clear statement about how you feel about them, and how you think they see themselves. Obviously, that makes it a very high-stakes gift – one that’s hugely rewarding if you get it right, but can be particularly awkward if you get it wrong.

But, you’ll be happy to hear, that’s exactly where we can help here at Leonard Dews. We’ve got more than 140 years of experience in the world of luxury watches, so you can count on us to help you find the perfect Mother’s Day gift. If you’re just starting out on your buying journey though, we’ve got a couple of quick tips we think you might find useful!

Set yourself a budget

OK, it might sound obvious, but it’s worth taking the extra time with this. Some budgets can be flexible, like your weekly shop. But in the world of luxury watches, going even slightly over your budget can equate to hundreds or even thousands of pounds, so it helps to set your absolute limit at an early stage.

And of course, make sure to be strict with it! This is easier said than done, especially when faced with the captivating designs by some of the world’s most prestigious watchmakers, like Longines and TISSOT. If you’re visiting us in our expansive Blackpool showroom though, feel free to ask one of our friendly experts, and we’ll be able to guide you towards the best watches in your price range.

The key is movement

The movement is one of the most crucial defining features of each individual luxury watch. There’s a good chance you may know a fair amount about movements already, but we’ll give you a quick recap on the essentials just in case. You might have heard differing opinions on exactly how many watch movements exist – that’s largely dependent on how specific you want to be. Some people say three, some people say 10, some might say as many as 50, depending on their personal definition of exactly what constitutes a watch movement. On the whole though, almost everyone agrees there are three main types – quartz, manual and automatic.

We’ve talked about all three watch movements in-depth in a previous post, but if you’re short on time we’ll just sum it up quickly. Quartz watches are battery powered, and regarded to be the accurate and affordable of the three. The other two are mechanical movements, so don’t use batteries to function. For many buyers, that makes them the more timeless and desirable choice, especially since they’re both much longer-established than quartz (which was only developed in the late 20th century).

Manual watches need to be wound up by the wearer on a daily basis, whereas automatic watches wind themselves using kinetic energy generated through the natural movement of the wearer’s wrist. It’s no wonder why automatic watches tend to be seen as the ultimate choice for many connoisseurs.

Consider her overall style

While the function of a luxury watch is obviously important, it’s also a style accessory, and a pretty pivotal one at that. That means the watch you buy her needs to be able to seamlessly blend in with her overall style, so it’s something you’ll need to take into consideration at an early stage. As we’ve touched on above, each watch has its own individual character, so make sure to assess that when you’re examining each one.

For example, do you think she’ll love the bold prestige of an instantly recognisable Gucci timepiece, or prefer the clean, understated lines of a Patek Philippe Calatrava? Or maybe she’ll be taken with the entrancing colours of an OMEGA Constellation. Again, if you’re not too sure what might match her personal style, don’t worry – we’re here to provide as much help as we can here at Leonard Dews.

Find a timepiece that suits her lifestyle

Different types of luxury watches are designed to excel in different types of environments, as you may know if you’ve already read our post on the differences between 5 key types of luxury watches. That means your Mother’s Day present doesn’t just need to match her overall style, but also her lifestyle, and where and how she spends her time. For example, would she prefer a dress watch that she could wear at business events or classy social occasions? Or if she’s a fan of the great outdoors, she might love the idea of a rugged pilot’s watch, whose hardy construction allows them to better withstand the trials of rough terrain. If she’s regularly to be found enjoying the steady motion of the ocean’s waves, an TAG Heuer Aquadiver might be more to her taste. Those are just a few examples!

This obviously isn’t an exhaustive list of all the key considerations you may need to have in mind when buying for Mother’s Day, but it’s certainly enough to cover the essentials. If you’ve still got any questions, or you need a bit of clarification on anything, our friendly watch experts are only too happy to help here at Leonard Dews.

We’ve been established since since 1877 (making us older than Blackpool Tower!), so we’ve got well over a century of horological history and expertise to draw upon when helping you find the perfect gift. We supply luxury watches from a wide range of brands with unrivalled worldwide prestige, including Patek Philippe, Chopard, OMEGA and more. Come pay us a visit, and see what you’ll discover!